Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM 80€

Henry Thieme - Themes in Beat SOLD

Brull Ltd

Rare original pressing on Brull Ltd out of London from 1973.
Henry Thieme delivers here his best track "Dirty Drugs" with a huge open drum break and then great flute and fuzzy guitars! Some other nice tracks to discover on this Lp too.
Listen to the soundclip if you don't know this great library yet.
The cover is in perfect NM shape with only the top left corner folded. Otherwise in pristine condition.
The record is in perfect NM condition as well with no marks nor spindle marks or whatsoever. Probably played only once to record this soundclip. You won't find a better copy, jump on it!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM 250€

Jacky Giordano and Yan Tregger - Schifters SOLD

Freesound No 4

Here it is! 4th number on the superb catalog of Freesound from 1974. Jacky Giordano at his best alongside with Yan Tregger and the arrangements are made by Yan d'Ys. To rank with the now infamous Philopsis LP! Superb library session from the maestro.
Terrific open drum break on "Reika" as you can hear below. Perfect clavinet session and nice guitar works with great fuzz and wah-wah effect. Many other tracks to discover, check the soundclip!
The cover is in excellent shape with slight signs of aging. Small sticker from Brull on bottom of the back cover. The record looks really great and sounds great too. Small sticker from Brull again on the label.
Really hard to find today and in great shape, so don't hesitate too long!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX 100€

Daniel Humair / J. C. Capon - Biorhythm / Fiction Scenes SOLD


Rare electronic / avant jazz library composed by the famous Swiss drummer, Daniel Humair and J. C. Capon who worked with the Baroque Jazz Trio and Jeff Gilson.
I sell the very hard to find original very first test press from 1980 on Musax, an other release exist on Magicabus under the pseudonym, Apocalypse.
It contains some amazing proto electro, avant garde electronic, futuristic jazz tracks including electronic drums and percussions, space effect, analog synthesizers, abstract violin and cello, acoustic bass, weird electric guitar, just listen!!!
The record shows one mark and it doesn't affect the sound, plays excellent, check the soundclip!!!The cover has a light general wear.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+     Offer

Various Artists - Freedom Power SOLD


This crazy rare library record was released on Cometa (CMT 4) in 1976. Amazing session we have here with great musicians such as G. Ducros, Mirot, E. Pieranunzi, S. Chimenti and S. Brugnolini.
The whole LP is solid, not a weak track, filled with music going from dark psychedelic funk, esoteric jazz and italian deep groove themes. Too many cuts to record them all for the soundclip! Funky drums and psychedelic distortion guitar on "Dopping 2000", great funky session with wah wah on "Sigla R.P.", deep porn grooves with a hip hop feel on "Privacy" or "Love for sale", great piano work on "Reaction" with funky drums and murder bass, drama jazz with great flute on "Psyco" and plenty of other great tracks!
Cover is in strong VG+ with some marks of aging and is torned on 2 cm on one edge. Record is in strong VG+ condition as well, showing some surface marks but nothing deep. It plays throughout nicely with some clicks and pops here and there and with little background noise on quiet parts as you can hear below on the long soundclip recorded.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG++ 80€

Paolo Casa & Pasquale Castiglione - Clouds SOLD


Rare original Italian issue on Octopus from 1975.
Great work by Paolo Castiglione and nice arrangements by Paolo Casa. One of the best number in the serie. Superb work on drum and bass and great production sound too! Check the two great jazz funk track "Chase" with its nice wah-wah guitar and "Games" with its cool flute but also the nice Dusty Finger like track "Clouds" with its fantastic distorted low Fi bass and wah-wah guitar or the bossa groove track "Sea-Side" and even the dark and intense "Nightmare". Complete and great overall!
The cover is in VG condition due to water damages on a third of it. The cover is not wavy but the colour changed on that part. Corners and edges are slightly damaged and 2 stickers on front and 1 on back to be found.
The record looks still shiny and is graded VG++ due to some superficial marks mainly on side A. It plays EX with only some noise on more quiet parts. Try the sound clip!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ 50€

H. Ehrlinger - Multi Tracks SOLD


Nice and rare library on Conroy from 1975.
Devastating breaks, nice organ and fuzzy guitar to be expected on this record. Try the soundclip as the music speaks better by itself.
The cover is in VG condition with 2 stickers on the front, ringwear and some signs of aging. 2 small writings to be found on the back. The spine is torned on 4-5cm.
The record is in strong VG+ condition and plays with occasional clicks and pops and some background noise.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM 100€

Various Artists - Themes Vol 2 SOLD

The Regency Line

Little known UK library from the 70's, various composers on this one, Norman Warren, Len Beadle, Peter Kelly... Plenty of great jazz funk tracks including open break, Fender Rhodes solos, fuzz guitar, catchy horns, potential samples, check the soundclip!!
Record in perfect shape!!
Minor wear on the cover.