Cover/Vinyl: VG+/NM 250€

Johannes Fehring And The ORF Big Band - Arbeitsplatte SOLD


Here we are this very rare and little known Austrian library by Johannes Fehring And The ORF Big Band including the ridiculous 18 minutes jazz funk track, "Rock & Motion", no need to talk about this gem, just listen the long soundclip!!!!! Very very hard to find, for sure one of the best ORF library, never seen before!!!!!!
I have found just one superficial mark, a shiny and clean copy, plays excellent!!
The cover shows a little sticker on the front cover, a light ring wear on the front and back cover, solid edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/NM 40€

Georges Rodi - Space SOLD

Crea Sound Ltd

Creative electronic library composed by Georges Rodi released in 1979.
Listen to some snippets from this great lp.
Record in superb condition, looks unplayed, clean and shiny copy, no marks, lighly warped but it doesn't affect the sound.
Cover has minor wear on the corners, slight hairline marks on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/EX 120€

Ball Bearing Group - Experience Vol 3 SOLD

Abramo Allione

Original Italian press released in 1977.
Killer jazz funk library with psych, jazz fusion, cosmic and disco touch composed by Oscar Rocchi and Giancarlo Barigozzi including terrific tracks like "Mercatino", Caos Della Citta", Ricerche", "Tutti In Gara", "Viaggio Di Trasferimento", "Una Gita In Barca" and more, all killer, no filler!! Check the long soundclip!!
Record in superb condition, just some little ticks during the second and third track, side B, probably due to the pressing or static dust, this copy in very clean and shiny.
Cover in excellent condition, just a light crease on one corner.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX 60€

Giampiero Boneshi - A New Sensation In Sound Vol. 3 SOLD

Cam Records

Rare original Italian press on Cam.
Weird and trippy early electronic library by Boneschi, listen to the soundclip!!
Record has just some superficial paper marks, plays excellent!!
With Cam inner sleeve. Light general wear on the cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ 40€

Giampiero Boneschi - A New Sensation In Sound Vol. 1 SOLD

Cam Records

Original Italian press on Cam.
Rare electronic / avant garde library by Boneschi, listen to the hypnotic and trippy track, "Soul Beat"!!!
record has one marks that makes some light click during the intro of the 1st track, side B, not the best track. Otherwise, in excellent condition!!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/EX 90€

Fabio Fabor And Armando Sciascia - Infini SOLD


Original French press on MPI.
Amazing avant garde / electronic library composed by Fabio Fabor and Armando Sciascia.
Listen to some brilliant dramatic, tense, sci-fi themes... Surprising lp from start to finish!!
Record in clean and shiny condition, just some superficial marks.
Cover shows light wear on the open edge.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX 50€

Zanagoria - Classic, Satirical And Insane SOLD

Cam Records

Original Italian press on Cam.
Rare avant garde / experimental library composed by Zanagoria including gloomy voices, string drone, deviant classical theme, check the soundclip!!
Record has just one hairline mark but it doesn't affect the sound, some static noises, clean and shiny copy!! Cover has light wear on edges and corners. With printed inner sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ 80€

Janko Nilovic - Supra Pop Impressions SOLD

MP 2000

Original pressing on Editions Montparnasse 2000 by Janko Nilovic.
Great session by the maestro!
Listen to "Roses and Revolvers" with its open drum break and great clavecin work.
Some great other numbers to discover on this rare library with great drum breaks, amazing organ, fuzzy guitars and some humming vocals.
Both cover and record are in strong VG+ condition. The cover shows little signs of aging and there are 3 tracks on the back cover that are highlighted in yellow and a cross in black as you can see on the pictures. Otherwise it is nice shape overall. The record is visually in VG+ condition with some long marks that are not deep and that don't affect the playing. It plays with minimal noise most notably during quiet parts, otherwise it plays loud and clear. Listen to the long soundclip and judge by yourself!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ 30€

Various Artists - Velvet dreams Vol 4 SOLD

Pierson Production

Great French cosmic disco library composed by Pierric, Pierson, Porte, Chadcar...
"Magma Game" was comped on Space Oddities Vol.2.
Listen to some great tracks from this rare lp!!
Record has some light marks, shiny copy, plays fine!!
Sticker on the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ 80€

Various Artists - Night Club / Cocktail / Moda SOLD

Cam Records

Original Italian press released in 1972.
High quality Hammond groove / lounge jazz bossa library composed by Piccioni, Pregadio, Savina, Robushi, Rustichelli... Check the soundclip!!
Light marks on the records, some light ticks, overall, plays fine!! With original inner sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ 180€

I Marc 4 - 1004 SOLD


Original Italian first pressing of this marvellous library by the famous I Marc 4 on Nelson from the 1970's. This is the very first pressing with the cardboard green cover.
Easily on the top 3 of this infamous serie with at least 8 solid tracks such as "Compression" with its fat dusty fingeresque drum break, huge bass line, wah-wah guitar and great organ solo. Check also the fantastic tracks "Trip" and "Distortion-Mind" with great drums, fuzzy guitar and wild organ solos, the beautiful lounge bossa jazz track "Blues Work" and much more. Try the long soundclip here below to get a better idea if you don't already know this amazing library!
The cover is in VG+ condition. The top edge is open on 2cm on the right side. The front cover shows some yellowing on the white part due to its age. There are some writings on the back. Please check the pictures.
The record is graded VG++ because there are some marks but it plays much better like EX with minimal noises and maybe a click here and there but nothing major. Strong pressing! Be quick as these top libraries never show up!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/NM 120€

R. Conrado & P. Montanari - Climax SOLD


Rare original pressing out of Italy of this nice library on the famous Octopus label.
Nice psychedelic funk, jazz and bossa session by Roberto Conrado and Piero Montanari with nice reverse and synth effects, fuzzy and wah wah guitars, breakbeats and scat vocals.
Check the soundclip here below to get a better idea if you don't already know it!
The cover is graded VG due to water damage on its lower part and a Montparnasse 2000 sticker as shown on the picture. Otherwise it is still in one piece and the corners and borders are not damaged.
The record is in perfect NM condition and plays perfectly. Don't miss this opportunity as you won't see this LP every day!

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/EX 90€

Vladimir Cosma / Michel Bernholc - Patchwork Orchestra 3 Musique Dramatique Et Nostalgique SOLD

Disques Magelan

Original French press of this great library composed by Cosma and Bernholc, listen to plenty of great psych fuzz, orchestral funk tracks, drama beat, dark moods...
Shiny ans clean copy, just some superficial marks.
Solid cover, just a writing on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/EX 150€

I Pyranas - I Tanti Successi SOLD


Original first pressing of this very rare and beautiful I Pyranas record on RCA ARC from 1969 out of Italy. Great psychedelic jazz, funky and lounge session from the band led by the infamous hammond player Albert Verecchia helped here by cult French jazz and library musicians such as Ivan Jullien on trumpet, Andre Ceccarelli on drums, and Tony Bonfils on fender bass.
Check the fantastic track "Wake the Monster" with its terrific open drum break and great hammond solo, the great funky tracks "Nights in white Satin" and "Detroit City", the groovin' track "Biancaneve", "The Horse" with a great drum break and jazz piano and the more quiet lounge track "Mercy Mercy Mercy".
The cardboard cover is in VG++ condition with no writings nor major deteriorations. Only some signs of aging like stain on it and on the opening border and corners.
The record is in EX condition overall and looks bright and shiny with only 1 or 2 very little scuffs. The record plays great all the way through with only some background noise in between tracks and during quiet parts (probably due to some dust in the groove). You can hear the long soundclip here below to check by yourself!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM Offer

Oscar Rocchi - Erbe Selvatiche SOLD


Original pressing of this scarce Italian library by the great Oscar Rocchi "e Il suo Modern Sound" released on the same Fonovideo label as the more famous Woman's Colour by Giancarlo Barigozzi.
One of the finest Italian jazz funk album out there with terrific open drum breaks, fuzzy guitars and Fender Rhodes solo. Check the long soundclip here below as music speaks for itself. It includes the great "Melissa" with great drum and bass rhythm accompanied with flute, the superb "Aglio" with its amazing open drum breaks, "Rosolaccio", "Genziania", "Millefoglie", "Ortica" and "Mais". A very solid album from the beginning to the end.
The cover is in nice EX shape with only some light wear on borders and corners.
The record is in shiny NM condition and has probably been played only once to record this soundclip. It plays great all the way through without any problems. There is a small sticker to be found on the label of side A. Ultra rare record and in this condition..... Be quick!

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM Offer

Jacky Giordano - Timing No 1 SOLD


Ultra rare French library record by the mighty Jacky Giordano on his own and very obscure Timing label. This is the very first issue on the label.
Amazing session by one of the best French artist at the time. In the same vein as Philopsis or Schifters on Freesound. Amazing funk and jazz with superb arrangements and direction by the maestro. Incredible hard drums, fuzzy and wah wah guitars, sax, piano, the usual clavinet that we personally love here at Holywax! Check the long soundclip recorded if you not believe what you read. It includes "Tablasse", "Jumba", "Cite", "Motion", "Alti","Morsel", "Orient Express" and "Cool".
Both cover and record are in perfect NM shape. Jump on this copy as you won't find another one in this condition anytime soon!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX Offer

The Bid-On (Raskovich) - Sorry Puppet SOLD

Bis Record

Original Italian pressing of this nice library by Raskovich aka Giuliano Sorgini from 1972 pressed in tiny quantities.
Great mixture of funk, jazz and refined bossa nova.
Check the great "Sweet-Smelling" and "Dwarf-Like" with nice breakbeat, flute and sax session, the nice jazzy "Leah" with cool piano and sax solos. Check also the nice bossa jazz tracks "Puppet" and "Savoury". More to discover on this LP, peep the soundclip here below!
The cover is in VG+ condition with general wear on borders and corners and a light ring wear.
The record looks bright and shiny and is graded EX due to several light clicks here and there but nothing serious, it plays great!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/EX 60€

Vasori / Viger / Janin - Cocktail D' Images SOLD


Great French library from 1972 on the famous MPI label including jazz funk tracks, "Matches", "Rayon D' étoiles" and "Rotations", check the soundclip!!
The record has just some superficial marks on the side B, side A in NM condition, some light background noises when the music isn't loud.
The laminate rip off on the top edge, some stains on the back cover, tear on the the top left corner.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM Offer

Vincent Gemignani - Musique pour un Voyage Extraordinaire SOLD

MPI Musique Pour l'Image

Wow! Original pressing on MPI from 1972. Vincent Gemignani delivers here a masterpiece from start to finish, one of the best library from France! And what a cover! Amazing artwork, really.
Of course "Ophis le Serpentaire" and "Insidieusement les Elfes" but the rest of this record is great as well! For those who don't know this"chef d'oeuvre" peep the soundclip here below!
Both cover and record are in amazing NM condition. Only one small sticker on the bottom of the back cover from Brull distribution and one corner is sligthly folded as you can see on the pictures, otherwise perfect! The record plays perfect all the way through, probably played only to record this soundclip. Small sticker from Brull on the label. A real collectible item! Be quick!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM 100€

Raymond Guiot - Basse contre Basse SOLD


Rare original French pressing on Telemusic from 1976.
Great work by Raymond Guiot on this library LP full of breaks and jazz grooves with an accent on bass and double bass. The result is pretty impressive and very hypnotic.
Check the wonderful "Basse Duettino" or the great "Bass Dancing* as well as other very nice numbers.
The record is in glossy NM condition and plays great!
The cover shows two sticker on the back and light signs of ageing especially on corners, otherwise it is in very nice shape.