Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Neil Amsterdam - Newness In Rhythm SOLD

Media Music - Capitol

Original US Press.
Plenty of heavy psych funk to modal - tribal jazz tracks, check the soundclip.
Plays fine, just some light marks. Writings on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: S/S Offer

Arawak - Accadde A... SOLD


Here we have back in stock the masterpiece from Italy by Luciano Simoncini aka Arawak on the very little known Squirrel label.
It is a very nice concept album that makes you travel all over the world. You may expect exquisite jazz grooves with really nice hip hop drum patterns and various instruments that represent each places. Of course, the great "Accadde a Bali" that has been sampled by Madlib but also great tracks such as "Accadde a Harlem", "Accadde a Belfast", "Accadde A Las Vegas" or "Accadde a Boston" are recorded on the soundclip from a previous copy..
Sealed copy in superb condition.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM offer

Remigio Ducros & Luciano Simoncini - America Amore Amaro SOLD


Beautiful Italian Library record from 1975 on Edipan by the association of Remigio Ducros, the man behind Tempo di Naja, La Palla e Rotonda, America Giovane or Lo Sport and Luciano Simoncini aka Arawak who delivered the amazing Accadde A album.
The whole album is just great and still unknown to many collectors!
We recorded a long soundclip with tracks such as the killer "Bus Stop" with beautiful Fender Rhodes and bassline, "Subways" with amazing hip hop drums pattern, "Magnolia Boulevard", "Niagara Falls" and "San Diego" with the great Accadde A flute only to name a few.
Both cover and record are in great deadstock condition! Jump on it!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Brugnolini / Malatesta / D'Ardena - Intermezzi Jazz SOLD


Mega rare Italian Library from the Sermi catalogue, this one is one of the best lp from the Intermezzi Serie including one side called "Freedom Suite" composed by Brugnolini with intense deep / free jazz tracks!! Record has just some superficial marks, stain on the back cover + general light wear on the cover.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/M offer

Werner Baumgart - Silversound SOLD

Devega Records

Rare Italian library released in 1975 on Devega (Joy Unlimited).
Suprising lp composed by Werner Baumgart including rich and unusual instrumentations, plenty of flute (overdub) and analog synth, phased string synth, wah wah guitar, clavinet, funky basslines... Deadstock copy.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/EX offer

Giuliano Sorgini - Musica Da Ballo SOLD

Meridana Records

Original Italian press released in 1969.
Killer Hammond groove library composed by Sorgini on the tiny label, Meridana Records, underrated Sorgini early works, one of his first lp, listen to the soundclip!!
Record has just some superficial marks, plays excellent!

Cover/Vinyl: S/S 250€

ORF Big Band - Eleven Steps BACK IN STOCK

Fonit Cetra

Back in stock, ultra rare Italian pressing of this Austrian library "Eleven Steps" by The ORF Big Band under the direction of Karel Krautgartner.
This gem contains the infamous funk track "Ballet" with mighty drums, groovy wah wah and fuzz guitar, raw flute, solid horn section, and killer sax solo. Check also the lounge bossa jazz groove track "Samba 73" that includes a superb fender rhodes solo and great horn arrangements, and the light bossa track "Hallo, José" with splendid flute work.. + more .
Still sealed, in perfect condition!!!

Cover/Vinyl: SS/SS Offer

Luciano Simoncini - Telefilm SOLD


Very rare Italian pressing from 1972 of this library record by the great pianist Luciano Simoncini, the man behind Arawak, on the tiny Leonardi label.
This is actually the soundtrack from two obscure TV Shows "Il ragazzo di Ceylon" and "Il Grande Paese" taken from the serie "I Racconti Dal Vero".
This record is just superb and features amazing lounge tracks with noticeable scat vocal by Edda Dell'Orso and soft piano by the maestro himself, harpsicord, harp and strings. Even a funky afro-percussion breaks track is to be found.
This copy is still sealed and shows only some dirt marks on front and back cover due to the storage but nothing important. Impossible to find still sealed!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ 70€

Max Raffeng - No 6


Seldom seen original pressing from 1970 of this Italian library on Fonovideo by Max Raffeng and his Sextet with the help on Anna Maria Rame on vocals.
A very suprising album featuring lounge and easy listening tracks with splendid wordless vocalisms of Anna Maria Rame. Check the soundclip if you've never heard it before!
The cover is in VG+ condition with som general wear especially on spines and corners. It shows 2 marks of removed stickers on front and some writings on back.
The record is in VG+ condition due to superficial marks but nothing deep.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Geoff & Trevor Bastow - Double Exposure SOLD

JW Music Library

Surprising UK jazz funk bossa library composed by Geoff & Trevor Bastow including plenty of flute, Fender Rhodes, fuzz guitar, recommanded!! Record has some light background noises when the music isn't loud, visually, it looks great, some light marks, no scuffs.
Light wear on the edges and corners, solid cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Complesso Gisteri - Mostra Collettiva SOLD


Brilliant Italian library composed mainly by Braen (Alessandroni) and Kema (DeMutiis) on the micro label, Edimerc. Hi quality lounge psych / bossa scat lp.
Record in superb condition, stains on the cover, in solid shape.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM offer

Various Artists - Light Atmosphere Vol. 6 SOLD


Original UK press, listen to some killer tracks composed by Ted Sommer, Fred Weinberg, Chuck Cassey...
Record has just superficial paper marks, plays excellent. Minor wear on the cover, little writing on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/EX offer

Barigozzi / Fabor - Synthetronics SOLD

C. Brull - LTD.

Scarce UK lp composed by Barigozzi and Fabor in 1976.
High quality library in the electronic and experimental psych jazz way delivered by the both cult Italians composers, listen to the long soundclip.
Record has just some superficial marks, plays excellent. Cover in Superb condition.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM offer

Bernard Lubat - Vibrations 2 SOLD


Original French pressing on Telemusic of this library LP composed by Bernard Lubat.
One of the best on the label with great fuzzy and psychedelic guitars alongside with great jazz funk numbers. Take a listen to the long soundclip here below where the best tracks have been recorded! "Bluesy Aubergine" with its nice drum breaks and hypnotic sounds and the dusty fingers type track "Super slow down" among others. Very consistent album, not a weak track!
Both cover and record are in NM condition, jump on it!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Various Artists - Sentimentale / Moderno SOLD

Cam Records

Original Italian press released in 1972.
Rare lounge bossa jazz library composed by Torossi, Cipriani, Umiliani, Morricone, Ferrio...
Check the soundclip!!
Record has some light marks, plays fine. With original inner sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/NM offer

Mickey Nicolas - International Orchestra SOLD

Marignan Records

Original French press of this great library composed by Mickey Nicolas including some superb soft bossa scat jazz tracks!! Check the soundclip!!
The record is in NM condition, shiny and clean copy!!
The cover has two seam splits (10cm) on the top and down edges.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/M offer

Zalla - Paesaggi SOLD

Ciak Record

Second pressing from 1980 out of Italy of this beautiful Library record by Zalla aka Piero Umiliani on Ciak Records, originally released on Liuto.
Maestro Umiliani is accompanied here by the infamous I Mark 4. Very nice and cheaper alternative of the impossible to find Suonano I Mark 4 on Liuto from 1971. Excellent album from beginning to the end with some great funky, bossa and lounge tracks including some amazing atmospheric interludes. Check the great "Risaie" that opens our soundclip with superb flute,...
Here in archive condition, the cover is graded NM due to some extremely light wear.
The record is M with full lustre and plays perfect! It has only been played once to record the soundclip.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/EX offer

Braen e Raskovich - Drammatico SOLD

Panda Records

Holy grail alert!! We're proud to offer for the 1st time on the site this masterpiece, one of the rarest, obscure, insane Italian library released on the micro label, Panda Records. They were suposed to be pressed at maximum 200 copies...
This lp composed by the cult duo, Braen e Raskovich aka Alessandroni and Sorgini is just unique, we have never listened something like that, a kind of esoteric - dark mass made by entranced Tibetan monks under acid, the first track and introduction of this terrific opus is like a freakout explosion in your mind, then come the mental experience including demented syncopated drums, hypnotic synths, gloomy guitar effect, dark atmosphere, ghostly voices, trippy oriental percussions... It doesn't sound like an usual library, more like a diy lsd-psych-out performance.
The record is in excellent condition, just some superficial marks, plays excellent!!
Several light stains on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM Offer

The Group - The Feed-Back SOLD


We are honoured to offer for sale a copy of this legendary album here on Holywax! Original first pressing from 1970 on RCA out of Italy by "The Group" (Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza), a side project of well known soundtrack composer Ennio Morricone along with other experimental musicians.
The rock-focused attitude of the record is quite surprising for such a team of classically-trained men already in their forties! Among the manifold musical innovations occured in recent years, one of the trends both in Europe and in the US is to set up ensemble devoted to improvisation.
These bands show similarities in their rich expressions, but could nonetheless be pigeonholed in two great families: one directly coming from the Jazz tradition and one of a more intellectual kind, connected with contemporary Classical music. These trends had been deeply analysed by «The Feed-Back» whose bold approach to music, more linked with current tendencies, placed them at the forefront of the Beat scene.
This album consists of three long instrumental tracks, somewhere in between psych-rock, avantgarde jazz and funky jams. The sound is definitely experimental and ostentatiously "underground". None of the instruments involved tries to be reassuring: the guitar is scratchy, the trumpet sounds choked, piano and keyboards are always dissonant and a background of "proto-industrial" noises is present all along the record. The music, anyway, is thrilling. The drum patterns, in particular, are extraordinary regular, tight and groovy. Enough speaking! For those who don't already know this masterpiece, try the long soundclip below!
Both cover and record are in beautiful NM condition. The cover shows only very little signs of ageing otherwise is in perfect condition.
The record is probably unplayed except to record this soundclip. It only shows very tiny surface marks probably due to pulling the record in and out of its sleeve. It is shiny with no spindle marks and plays perfect all the way through! Don't miss the opportunity to get this Holy Grail in great condition, serious offer only!

Cover/Vinyl: NM/VG++ Offer

Alessandro Alessandroni - Open Air Parade SOLD

Sermi SR-ST 136

Here we have another crazy hot record at the moment and impossible to find. Open Air Parade has been released in 1972 on the mythical Sermi label out of Rome, Italy. Probably one of the best session by the maestro Alessandro Alessandroni with two tracks composed by the great bassist Giovanni Tommaso (Indefinitive Atmosphere, Rebus, Echoing America, Vivere A Tokyo, Artigianato....).
The music here is simply fantastic, maestro Alessandroni gives us his best effort with tracks like "Cielo Verde", "Spiagge Azzura" "Capelli Rossi" or "Parata N.2" amongst other. Expect some refined funk with psychedelic hints and lush arrangements, great hip hop drum patterns, amazing scat vocals and so on.
The cover is in great shape and is graded NM with only some stain on back, check the pictures!
The record is still shiny with some visible marks and therefore graded VG++. It plays very nice and loud with only some soft little pops here and there. The long soundclip recorded speaks better for itself. Not to be missed!