Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM Offer

Sandro Brugnolini - Utopia SOLD


Rare original Italian pressing from 1972 by Sandro Brugnolini on Gemelli.
Very refined jazz that takes various form such as lounge, rock, blues and even some avant guarde elements to be found on this brilliant and underrated album. The maestro is helped here by Giorgio Carnini for the arrangements and backed by Franco Tamponi on this session.
Check the deep and beautiful "Giuggi" that starts our soundclip. Listen also to the great jazz-rock "Supermarket", the more bossa jazz "Gregorio VII" and the tensed industiial free jazz "Ritorno in Macchina" with some great effects amongst others. The whole Lp is splendid and is totally slept on.
Both cover and record are in NM shape. The cover looks really great with only some little sign of ageing on the back.
The record looks great with full shine. It plays very nice overall with only some light background noise during quiet part or in between tracks. Check the clip to get a better idea!

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ Offer

Mirageman - Thunder and Lightning SOLD


Original Italian pressing from 1972 on Ariston.
Killer Library album and easily the best work delieverd by Mirageman aka the pianist and composer Giovanni Fennati.
Amazing session of infectious funky and jazzy grooves with killer psychedelic fuzz guitars, scat vocals, pounding drums, absolutely fantastic brass section and of course beautiful piano delievered by the maestro. Check the long soundclip if you don't already know this masterpiece! Not a single weak track!
The beautiful textured cover is in VG++ condition and shows some light signs of ageing but other than that in great condition!
The record is in shiny VG+ condition with some light marks. It plays great with only some light background noise mostly perceptible in between tracks and some clicks here and there. Very difficult to find nowadays!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ Offer

Marcabru - Momenti SOLD

Otter Records

Extremely rare and unknown original Italian pressing of this beautiful Library LP by Marcabru aka Rino de Filippi on the very small Otter Records label.
Another piece of Italian library art still quite unknown to many collectors. Killer LP from start to finish! Check out the great groovy funky "Faccole Vive", "Strade" with great theme and amazing harpischord and "Spinta RItmica" tracks with crazy drums and huge bassline. We also recorded "Stelle in Terra" with some nice harpischord, in the same vein as the prodigious Prisma Sonoro by Alessandroni on Sermi. No surprises as both artists often played together and delivered fantastic collaborations! Some other great sleazy lounge tracks to discover on the soundclip below.
The cover is in VG+ condition with some wear on 2 corners, ringwear on the back, 3cm opened bottom spine and upper spine a little damaged.
The record is in shiny VG++ condition with some superficial marks that don't affect the playing. It plays great all the way through! Impossible to find and totally great!

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM Offer

Rino de Filippi - Ritmicolor SOLD

Pound Records

Original Italian pressing on Pound Records that seems to be a sort of compilation of Rino de Filippi's work.
Two of the tracks come straight from the album Momenti under the names "Splendida Luce" and "Percorsi". Check also the great "Solco Schiumoso", "Vividezza" and "Riedificazione" amongst others. As usual with maestro de Filippi the whole album is solid!
Both cover and record are in pristine NM condition. The cover is still in shrink.
The record is basically unplayed except to record this soundclip. Be quick!

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ 150€

I Marc 4 - 1002 SOLD


Original Italian first pressing of this marvellous library by the famous I Marc 4 on Nelson from the 1970's. On this one all the tracks are composed by Paolo Renosto aka Lesiman, the man behind the great Here and Now on Vedette.
Very complete album and easily on the top 3 of this infamous serie with no weak tracks. The music goes from psychedelic jazz, and funk to some more bossa and lounge tracks with plenty of fuzz guitars, amazing hammond work, and great drum breaks! Try the long soundclip here below to get a better idea if you don't already know this amazing library!
The cover is in VG++ condition with some signs of ageing on the borders and corners as well as light ring wear. No writings!
The record is in VG+ due to superficial marks. It plays strong all the way through with some background noise during the more quiet parts. You get what you hear! Rare!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG offer

Narassa / Amedeo Tommasi Trio - Made In USA SOLD


Obscure Italian library composed by Tommasi on Colimbo, a sub label of Rotary Records.
Sublime jazz groove / modal jazz lp with great organ / piano works, warm Fender Rhodes, solid rhythm section, irresistible spacey & etheral themes. Highly recommanded!
Record has light marks, no deep scuffs, occasional clicks, plays fine, check the soundclip.
Cover shows light wear on the edges and corners, some little tears.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Hingross - Record For Murder SOLD

Horse Shoe

Scarce Italian library on the tiny label, Horse Shoe Records (Profondita).
Little know lp including mad dark beat, heavy creepy moods, chase theme, a real record for murder... Record has just some superficial marks, plays excellent!!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM offer

I Gres - S/T SOLD


Scarce original Italian 1st press of this outstanding library, the first I Gres lp, composed by Chimenti and Rizzati. Listen to the superb cinematic jazz funk, "Restless", the drama beat, "Hot Dogs" with monster drum break, check also the trippy electronic groove track, "Voleur", and the lounge bossa tune, "Jeannette". Amazing lp from start to finish, and now very hard to find. Clean and shiny record, just some superficial marks, minor wear on the cover, some stains on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/NM 350€

Sharon Mhati Chatam's - Fantasy SOLD


Original Italian press released in 1973 on RCA.
Seldom seen lp produced by the Maestro Gian Piero Reverberi, this obscure album contains a lot of amazing tracks like "I've Got An Idea" including insane fat drums, hipnotic bass, trippy piano and beautiful chorus flutes over the mix, listen also the jazz groove winner, "Closed In a Drugstore" and the uptempo euro funk "You're So Vain".
Clean copy, just two superficial marks. Writing on the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM offer

Nino Rapicavoli - Divagazioni SOLD

Deneb Records

Obscure Italian library released on the tiny label, "Deneb Records" in 1975.
Great work by Rapicavoli including hypnotic jazz groove patterns, with tipycal psych lounge touch!! no cheesy tracks on this one, solid lp!!
Beautiful clean and shiny copy!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

I Gres - N. 2 SOLD


Orginal 1st Italian press on Gemelli records. Brilliant 2nd lp by the I Gres, listen to the long soundclip, plenty of crazy jazz funk and lounge bossa tracks inside, and killer drums like every I Gres album.
The record has several marks, mainly on side B, but it plays fine! Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG+ Offer

Paolo Ferrara - 3 SOLD


Extremely rare and unknown session by Paolo Ferrara on Cormorano. The best volume on this serie!
The music goes from crazy psychedelic jazz to some more bossa and lounge.
Check "Contrasto" and "Ossessione" with crazy hammond, the deep "Malinconia", the refined bossa tracks "Copacabana" and "Dolce Sogno" and the crazy tensed "Incubo Notturno" with some great harpischord.
The fragile thin paper cover is in EX shape with some minor wear especially on the bottom left corner.
The record is in VG+ condition especially because of 2 deeper marks on side B, track 1 and 4 that causes some clicks and a skip on beginning of track 4. Fortunately these tracks are not interesting! Side A is shiny EX where all the best tracks are to be found. It plays great with some background noise on the lighter parts probably due to poor pressing. Impossible to find and still unknown to many collector!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/EX offer

Powerhouse - Five Plus Four SOLD


One of the best and strangely underrated UK library on Peer, amazing psych jazz funk lp from the beginning to the end, all killer, no filler!! Highly recommanded!!
Record has just superficial marks, it plays excellent, shiny wax!!
Light wear on the corners, cover in beautiful condition!!

Cover/Vinyl: NM/M 350€

Joy Unlimited - Instrumental Impressions SOLD

Devega Records

Another amazing and nearly impossible to find library by the infamous German band, Joy Unlimited. This is their first library released in 1974 on the micro Italian label, Devega Records from Milan. Killer psych jazz funk lp from start to finish including insane flute solos and dope funky beats. Listen to the long soundclip!!
Deadstock copy, record is unplayed. Minor wear on the cover. One sticker on the back cover and on one label.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM 100€

Various Artists - Sceneggiati TV SOLD

Fonit Cetra

Original Italian pressing from 1978 on Fonit Cetra.
Here is a nice alternative to get the amazing "Col Fiato in Gola" track by Filippo Trecca.
Check the soundclip if you don't know it already!
The cover is in EX shape with some wear especially at the bottom and on the opening side.
The record is NM, very glossy, and plays perfectly!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/EX offer

Eddie Warner - Cops, Crooks And Spies SOLD

L' Illustration Musicale

Rare French library from 1977 composed by Eddie Warner on his own label including killer drama beat, chase funk, dark electronic vibes, amazing lp from start to finish, listen to the long soundclip!!
Record has just some superficial marks. Stamp on the both labels.
Cover shows light wear on two corners. In solid shape.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG++ offer

Peter Bonello / Cecil Leuter - Electronic Tricks SOLD

L' Illustration Musicale

Scarce French electronic library composed by Bonello and Leuter including phased drum break, synthesized drama beat, electronic experimentations...
Record has some light marks, plays excellent!! No scuff!!
Some creases on the front and back cover, in solid shape.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM 200€

Farlocco - Jazz Video SOLD


Ultra rare jazz session out of Italy from 1974 by Farlocco aka Amadeo Tommasi on his great Rotary label.
One of the best if not the best volume in the serie! Not a weak with great deep jazz tracks and some electro jazz tracks too. Check the soundclip quick if you don't know already this gem!
Both cover and record are in glossy NM condition. The cover is sharp with no defects. The record is shiny with only very few light marks that don't affect the sound. It plays great all the way through! Killer record, not to be missed!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM Offer

Franco Micalizzi - Violence SOLD


Do we need to introduce this one? Rare original Italian first pressing on Cometa from 1977 and numbered (485/500), not like many of them on the market at the moment.
Wonderful Giallo Soundtrack funk delivered here by Franco Micalizzi. Take a listen to the great "Afanno" with huge drum breaks and very nice flute work, "Running to the Airport", "Caccia al Cinese" with great Dusty Finger's break, "Fiato Sospeso" or "Big Fight". Very complete and essential album of the genre.
The cover looks really nice and is in EX condition with only wear on the corners otherwise perfect.
The record is in beautiful NM condition and has hardly been played. It looks and plays great!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM 130€

Caravelli - April Orchestra vol. 16 SOLD


Original French pressing of probably the best April Orchestra LP from 1977 by Caravelli.
Consistent LP from start to finish! Check the brilliant dusty fingers track "L'étrange Dr Personne" just before the amazing "Avant l'Enslisement", the well paced "Base pour Travaux Rythmiques" with great hammond, the nice " Obsessionellement Votre" with some wah wah guitar and the more dramatic and tensed "Dernière Turbulence" among others.
The cover is in great EX shape with only some very light defect. Could be graded NM!
The record is in perfect glossy NM shape with no marks and full shine. It plays great! Rarely seen these days, jump on it!