Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM offer

Nicholas Greenwood - Cold Cuts SOLD


Holy grail status for this ultimate prog lp composed by Nicholas Greenwood in 1972.
We sell the original French press in incredible condition, it's an unplayed copy from a deadstock, record hasn't marks, no spindle marks, plays excellent with just some static noises, check the soundclip of the 1st track. Cover in superb condition too, just some really minor wear, edges and corners in amazing condition, you'll not find another copy like this one. Serious offer only.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ offer

Royal T - Betsabea / Tre Colpi Al Muro SOLD


Scarce Italian heavy psych fuzz 45 by Royal T released in 1973.
I haven't found any info about this 7inch, listen to the both sides, ridiculous fuzz guitar, fat drum beat, great arrangements and demented lead vocal!!!
Strong VG copy, plays fine.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Sanctus - Jane / Go To Hell SOLD

Studio 35

Hard to find French 45 from South of France produced by Sanctus, their only recording, it contains the killer psych funk track, "Go To Hell", listen to the soundclip!!
Record has several light marks, no scuff, plays fine!!
Light general wear on the cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM offer

Jean Pierre Huser - Ping Pong / La Taupe SOLD

Disques Evasion

Great Swiss psych pop 45 composed and produced by Stephen Sulke.
Never seen before, rare 7inch on the famous Disques Evasion label.
Deadstock copy.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Gong - Lost Thing / I Don't Care SOLD


Obscure Swiss only 45 by this unknown group, not to be confused with the famous other Gong band... Very rare stuff!!!!
Listen to the groovy psych prog track "I don't care" with catchy soft psych pop moves that evolve with cool flute and hammond works!!!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Berry Window And His Movements - I'll Wait For You / Hear Me, Help Me SOLD


Original German "only" press released in 1968.
Great sitar psych pop dancer 45, listen to the both sides.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Ibiza Sound - Ad Lib Part 1 & 2 SOLD


Great Spanish progressive groove 45 with trippy atmosphere, great percussions works, cool flute and fuzz guitar, check the both sides!!
Just some superficial marks, plays excellent.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG offer

Bob - S/T SOLD

Private press

Ultra rare Swiss lp privatly pressed by Bob...
Strange acid folk lp with weird lyrics, some deep melancolic moods too!! Great oddity!!
Record has light marks, you can hear light tics and background noises.
Cover shows wear on edges and corners, light ring wear, nothing bad.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Commando Joie - Tu Pars Pour San Francisco + 3 SOLD


Obscure French xian soft psych 45 with funny vocals concerning the hippies in San Francisco and the misdeeds of drugs but fortunately, there is Jesus...

Cover/Vinyl: M/M offer

Mother Sunday - Midnight Graveyard / You Don't Understand SOLD

Moon Records

One of the best and rarest Swiss heavy psych 45 composed by this obscure band, Mother Sunday. Just listen to the both sides, highly recommanded!!
Deadstock copy. No marks, clean copy!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ offer

L' Assemblée - Le Chien / Blues En Do Banal SOLD

Emi / Odeon

Seldom seen French 45 by this obscure band called "L' Assemblée".
It contains the insane free psych jazz outsider, "Le Chien"!! Attention!!!! Intensive experience here including freak out drum and bass, trippy sax, weird naive lyrics in French, heavy fuzz guitar!!!
Cover shows wear on the open edge.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ offer

John Bassette - John Who? SOLD

Tinkertoo Records

Scarce acid folk oddity composed and privatly pressed in 1978 by the weird and unknown John Bassette.
The record shows some light marks but they don't affect the sound, you can hear some light background noises, overall, plays excellent. Water damage on the top of the cover, check the picture.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ offer

Ronnie Bird - Chante / Ne T'en Fais Pas Pour Ronnie SOLD


Original french press of this single released for the juke box.
Listen to the monster fuzz freakbeat, "Chante", check the soundclip!!!
The record shows some light marks but they don't affect the sound. Plays excellent!!
It comes with original Philips platic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/EX offer

Nato - ACTuel. Un SOLD


Original Belgian press released in 1974.
Mutant psych lp composed by the underground poet, Nato and the group, Lady Pain.
Outsider project including surrealist poems and avant garde - electronic drone music, really unique. This copy is EX, just some superficial marks, but you can hear some noises during the beginning of each side, i think it' s a default pressing.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ offer

French Lick - Glider SOLD

Fric Frac Records

Original US press released in 1976.
Brilliant soft psych lp out of California privatly pressed by the band, listen to "Ibiza", "Talk About Love" and the open drum break on "Sleuth".
Strong VG+ copy, plays fine, stains on the cover, autographed on the front and back cover by the musicians.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG offer

Various Artists - Dana SOLD


Obscure OST from Venezuela composed by different artists, Jesus Ignacio Perez Perazzo, Nancy Ramos, Jazzteto, Orquesta Venezuela Pop...
The music is oriented modern jazz and latin pop,the surprise and the highlight is the heavy heavy fuzz psych track, "Psico Ritmos" composed by the Love Depression. This track is only available on this lp. Listen it!!!
The coloured record has light marks and light background noises when the music isn't loud. The great track plays fine!!
The cover has several stains on the front and back cover, light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG offer

Rag I Ryggen - S/T SOLD

Rondo Music AB

Ultra rare original Swedish 1st press released in 1975 pressed in 250 copies.
Obscure heavy rock / psych lp from Sweden by Rag I Ryggen, their only lp, the half is sung in English, the other half in Swedish. Great performance including killer drums, dirty guitar, Hammond, flute, synthesizers... listen to the long soundclip!
This copy is VG but plays fine, no deep scuffs, a light background noises when the music isn't loud. The cover shows wear on edges and corners, one tear on the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG offer

Oriental Sunshine - Mother Nature / Visions SOLD


Rare original press from Holland of this great sitar acid folk double sider composed by the famous Norvegian band, Oriental Sunshine.
I have found this copy in a generic philips sleeve, no pic sleeve.
The record has light marks but it doesn't affect the sound, plays fine!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Morning Calm – Song Under A Tree SOLD


Very rare and relatively little known acid folk lp released in 1969 composed by Leo Gillespie, Didier Malherbe and Jerry Fied from Gong. Check the soundclip!!!
Shiny copy, just some superficial marks!!
Light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX 20€

Yar Et Yana - Le Thé / Donne Moi La Main / Combien De Fois / Je Marche Dans La Rue SOLD


Rare test press of this killer french pop EP under the supervision of Jean Bouchety.
Listen to the four tracks of this suprising 45, to range between pop, freakbeat, jerk and groove.
The record shows just some superficial marks, it plays excellent!!
Generic sleeve.