Cover/Vinyl: M/M 20€

Crystal Thoughts - White Spider / Kaleidoscope Places

Giraffe Production

Killer 45 composed by Crystal Thoughts aka Spiros Rouchotas.
Listen to the both side!!
Limited edition. N°91/300 - Purple wax.

Cover/Vinyl: M/M 70€

Didier Paquette - Le Souffle Noir

Private Press

Original French issue released in 1981 on the custom label, F.L.V.M.
Obscure DIY electronic prog lp composed, arranged and played by Didier Paquette featuring some friends.
Inspired by "The lord of the Rings", he delivers a magnificent and trippy mixture including raw analog synths, Mellotron, drum machine, cool drums and percussions, guitar....
Record and cover in perfect condition. With insert.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG++

Richard Reimann - Mouvements SOLD

Private Press

Wow!!!! Here we have one of the rarest Swiss record, or rather a box, a beautiful box including one lp and a booklet with several lithographies signed by Richard Reimann.
This box is nearly impossible to find, only 150 pieces were privatly pressed by the artist in 1973. We are offering the n° 130. Just a little number of people aware of this gem, and most of them are from Switzerland.
The good surprise of this box is also the music. The lp contains some incredible tracks from trippy jazz groove, insane drama psych beat coloured by magnetic tape effects, to weird avant garde and outsider progish experiment... Check the soundclip!!!
This object is unique, unclassifiable, impacted by a real odd creativity and rare as hell...
Only few copies are known in Switzerland, that's all!!
Record has just some superficial hairline marks, it plays excellent!!
The booklet is in superb condition, the box shows minor wear on the front cover, otherwise, in solid condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ 50€

The Seventh Century - S/T

Al Segno Records

Original US press released in 1971 on the obscure label, Al Segno.
Liner notes says The Seventh Century is a contemporary instrumental ensemble with a musical concept that spans the 700 years of organized , written instrumental music...
Incredible lp from start to finish composed and arranged by Alan Raph and Lee Holdridge in New York, if you like Axelrod, this record is for you, definitely one of my favorite lp, the group creates a variety of sounds variously reminiscent of the high renaissance to 70's jazz groove, baroque psych, orchestral folk sounds, a sublime oddity, not really known and underestimated, check the long soundclip!!
Record has just superficial paper marks, plays excellent!!
Cover in shrink, a beginning of seam split on the top and down edge.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG Offer

Aumether - Vibrations De Terre / Citadelles D' Illusions

Disques Evasion

New discovery from Holywax Crew!!!
Extremely rare and nearly impossible to find Swiss 45 released on the little label, Disques Evasion who released also the Proud Mary, Hand, Spot lps, Un Soir Chez Norris, 45 by Pierre Cavalli and others delights....
Listen to this insane prog psych double sider including haunting synthesizers, Mellotron, Hammond, fuzz guitar, acoustic guitar, hip hop beat and esoteric lyrics.... The Whole beautifully arranged with plenty of rhythmic change and sound patterns, a unique gem!!!!
The record has a lot of light marks, no scuffs, it plays excellent without noises or clicks, check the soundclip!!!
The cover shows wear on the open edge and some light stains, still a great copy!!
No copies on the web and popsike, serious offer only!!!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+

Los Jaivas - S/T SOLD


Original French press of this great Argentinian psych lp, listen to the hard fuzz psych track, "Tarka Y Ocarina". This copy has some light marks, no deep scuff, plays fine.
The cover is lightly warped due to water damage, writing on the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: M/M 100€

Crystal Thoughts - 1435 Miles

Giraffe Production

Monster contemporary psych lp from Greece composed and privatly pressed by Spiros Rouchotas in 2012 on his own label. This is his second lp, an outstanding performance plenty of different moods, from esoteric psych to dark cinematic attempt including Flute, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, organ, fuzz and acoustic guitars, hot drums work, mystic vocals, it sounds like an obscure band from the 70's, the first time we listened this record, we thought it was a reissue.... one of our best discovery the last year!! Listen to the long soundclip to give you an idea!! Limited edition, just 196 copies was pressed, i sell the regular issue with laminated cover, black vinyl, hand numbered insert & back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/NM offer

NRBQ - Mama Get Down Those Rock And Roll Shoes / Rocket Number 9 SOLD


Original German press released in 1969.
It contains the insane psych jazz version of the Sun Ra track, "Rocket Number 9", this is the long version, 3min04 including the long introduction!!!
NM copy, no marks, light wear on the cover, solid corners and edges.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG+ offer

Jean Pierre Massiera - Bonne Année / L' Ivresse Des Profondeurs SOLD


1st Massiera / Torelli release from 1967, promo 45 from Massiera's Sem Studio for the new year... Ultra rare... Weird freakbeat Psych 2-Sider. Record looks EX but has some default pressing on the side a, it makes some background noises, still really enjoyable, check the second track of the soundclip.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG offer

Mar-Vista - Visions Of Sodal Ye SOLD

Kiosque D' Orphée

Original French press from 1976.
Outstanding lp privatly pressed by the duo from Lille. One of our best discovery the last year, really unique diy low fi Electronic psych lp with dark atmosphere and apocalyptic sorrowful mood, now reissued by Strawberry rain. Nearly impossible to find in any condition.
VG copy, several light marks but plays fine, check the soundclip of the side 1, rare home made stickered sleeve, seam split on the top and left edge.
Serious offer for this one.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG offer

Jean Claude Mercier - Musique Originale Du Spectacle Donné Par Berliet SOLD

Private Press

Mega rare French only 45 privatly pressed by the truck company, "Berliet" for their show in the Paris car exposition in 1974. The funny thing is the music behind the concept, the side a and also the part one is a dark cosmic synth attempt, it continues in the side b with a intense prog synth fuzz track , listen to the soundclip!! Nearly impossible to find...
Record has several light marks but plays fine. Lightly warped but it doesn't affect the sound.
Cover shows little tears on the open edge, stains on the front and back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX offer

Zukus - Running High / Catch You SOLD

Toya Records

Original US press from 1972.
Terrific Psych Rock 45 out of Indiana. Check the mighty psych dancer "Running high" with open drum break, listen also the great flip, "Catch You".
Record is EX, just a couple of superficial marks, however there is some light tics and pops, maybe due to the pressing. Two little crosses on one label.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG offer

John Butch - Tarnished Morning SOLD


Unknown and impossible to find test press - demo only lp from USA, free acid folk jazz oddity, diy basement recording, check the long soundclip to give you an idea, no info found on the web, really obscure stuff made by great musicians, serious offer only for this one.
Strong VG copy, record has many light hairline marks, no deep scuffs, plays really fine, check the soundclip. Heavy cardboard sleeve in solid condition, only some light stains, beginning of ring wear, little writing on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: M/M offer

Nie Gehort - S/T SOLD

Private press

Unkown German free form Kraut rock Jazz groove fusion lp privatly pressed in 1981 but never really commercialized, sold maybe for the 1st time although the traduction of "Nie Gehort" in english is "Never Heard". Check the long soundclip, fascinating progressive jazz rock groove with many influences.
Unplayed copy, serious offer only.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Rock Ensemble 1 - S/T SOLD

Private Press

Unknown inspirated amateur jazz rock psych lp played by students from the Masconomet Regional High School, best tracks are composed by the students, great cover of the Carly Simon track "That's the wayi've always heard it should be".. Check the soundclip!!
Solid VG+ copy.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM offer

Seine Trance-Parenz Fredi Alberti ‎– Klaenge Aus Dem Engelsraum SOLD

Scribble Art Records

Original German press from 1981.
Unknown acid folk lp privatly pressed by Fredi Alberti, known for his previous project with Pân-Râ. Trippy acoustic music including cello, ukulele, guitar, voice and harmonium, great production too.
Unplayed copy, with booklet glued on the front cover, just some stains.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ offer

Hammer - Tuane / Charity Taylor SOLD


Original French "Only" 45 released in 1970.
Contains the terrific scat psych jazz funk dancer "Tuane", by far the best track of the lp.
Writings on the front cover and both labels.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG+ offer

The Coronets - Face Pussies / Acid Dreams SOLD

Record Junkie

Rare Swiss only 45 released in 1994, only 282 copies pressed.
It contains the infernal hipnotic Pysch funk track, "Face Pussies" with rough guitars and diabolic organ solo, RAW garage rock on the flip!! Comes with 3 inserts.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM offer

Proud Mary - S/T SOLD

Disques Evasion

Very hard to find original Swiss press released on Evasion in 1972.
Incredible raw psych pop freakbeat lp composed and produced by Stephen Sulke, his best project for me, a monster album from beginning to the end, no filler, all killer, magnifificent arrangements, raw production.
Unplayed stock copy.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

Rob Russen - The Long Hair / Hour Of Quiet Rain SOLD


Scarce deep acid folk 2-Sider composed by Rob Russen from Negative space.