Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG offer

Gate - Streetman / Chocolate Puddin' SOLD

Violetville Music

Orginal U.S. press from 1972.
Check the insane psych jazz funk track "Streetman" composed by this unknown band conducted by Hank Levy, known for his funky work with the Townson State University!!!!
The record shows light marks, plays fine, listen to the soundclip!!! Some light background noises on the "Chocolate Puddin" side.
Generic sleeve. Including promo sheet with lyrics.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX offer

Realistic Funk Band - This Is Your Chance / Shock The House SOLD

Mega Sound Studio

Scarce modern soul funk 45 released in the Mega Sound Studio (Mellow Madness), listen to the both sides, brilliant dance floor winner!!!
Just some superficial marks, plays excellent!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ offer

Jesse Potter And The Fabulairs - Now I Think I Am Ready / It's A Man's World SOLD

Big 8 Records

Original US press released in 1971.
Listen to the soul funk dancer, " Now I Think I Am Ready"!!!
The side A hasn't marks, in EX condition, check the soundclip, the side B shows some light marks but it plays fine.
Some little stains on the labels.
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/EX offer

Martha Turner - Dirty Old Man / Your Magic Touch SOLD

Royal American Records

Original US press out of Nashville.
Listen to the sister funk floor filler, "Dirty Old Man" and the sweet soul "Your Magic Touch".
The record is in EX condition, i have found two superficial marks, it plays excellent!!
One tear on each label.
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

Eddie Bo - Check Your Bucket Part 1 & 2 SOLD


Original US press of this monster classic funk 45" produced by Eddie Bo on his own label!!!
Check the soundclip!!!
The record is VG+ with some light marks but they don't affect the sound!!! It plays fine!!
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

North Star - Spring / As The Night Moves On SOLD

Star Light Records

Scarce original U.S. pressing out of Louisiana released in the mid 70's!!!
It contains the ridiculous funky cut "Spring"!!! Rare stuff!!!
Some light marks on the record but they don't affect the sound, plays excellent!!!
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX offer

Tommy Neal - Goin' To a Happening / Tee Ta SOLD


Essential northern soul dancer on Vault Records.
Sticker residue on one label. Shiny copy, plays excellent!!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

Vessie Simmons - I Can Make It On My Own Part 1 & 2 SOLD


Classic modern soul 45 from Vessie Simmons, all time winner!!!
Some light marks, no deep scuff, plays loud and fine!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

Elsie Mae - Do You Really Want to Rescue Me Part 1 & 2 SOLD

King Records

Classic soul jazz 45 produced by James Brown..
This copy shows light marks but plays fine.
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX offer

Timmy Smith - Everybody Talks About The Devil / I'm Willing To Love You SOLD


Original US press, it contains the x-over soul winner, "Everybody Talks About The Devil", listen also the sweet soul flip.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX offer

Glenn Dorsey & The Big J - Movin On / Movin On Music SOLD

Good Records

Original 45 of this classic modern soul track composed and produced by Glen Dorsey from the Joneses.
This dance floor winner was comped on the Soul Spectrum Vol. 1!!!
The record is in EX condition with just some superficial paper marks and plays perfect!!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ offer

George Perkins - Keep On Loving Me / Baby, I Love You SOLD

Royal Shield Records

Original US press from Louisiana released in 1974.
Awesome x-over / modern soul funk double sider, check the soundclip!!!
Some tiny bubbles due to the pressing but they don't affect the sound, it plays excellent.
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ offer

Fantastic Epic's - Fun And Funk Part 2 & 3 SOLD

Tories Records

Original U.S. issue of this solid funk 45 released in 1969 including some cool psych and soul elements. Check both sides on the sound clip!
The record shows only some superficial marks, no scuff, plays perfect!!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ 220€

James Reese And The Progressions - Let's Go (It's Summertime) / Jody's Freeze SOLD

Najma Records

Essential jazz groove double sider out of South Carolina released in 1969.
Original 1st press on Najma, some superficial marks on the "Let's Go..." side, the other side is EX, this copy plays excellent!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ 70€

Lyn Taitt - Out On A Funky Trip / Stepping Up SOLD

Randy's Records

Original Jamaican press released in 1973.
Killer double sider!! It contains the classic deep funk number, "Stepping out" and the insane uptempo b-boy track, "Out On A Funky Trip" with great synthesizer work and monster breaks!! Record has just some light marks.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ offer

Washington Jamb Band - Bicentennial Muscle / Instrumental SOLD

Leo Records

Great disco funk 45 released in 1976 by the Famous Washington Jamb Band.
Listen to the both parts.
Record shows only superfcial marks, plays fine!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG 35€

Spaceark - Do What You Can Do / Welcome To My Door SOLD

Color World Records

Suuperb blue eyed soul doublesider, listen to the cosmic x-over soul, "Welcome To My Door" and the Northern soul track, "Do What You Can Do".
Record has several light marks but plays fine, no scuffs!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG 200€

The Brothers - Brothers Groove / Funky Paella SOLD


Extremely rare and hugely in demand original 1st Spanish press on Columbia released in 1971.
Monster JB's style funk double sider by The Brothers, check the both sides!!!
This copy has a lot of light marks but no deep scuff, it plays really fine except during the intro of the first track because the sound isn't loud, check the soundclip!!!!
The cover shows two seam split on the top and down edges, little tear on the front cover

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ 20€

C.R.A.C. - Of The Lites / Eleonor Rigby SOLD

Private Press

Scarce US 45 from this obscure band, listen to the AOR modern soul track, "Of The Lites".
Record has some light marks, you can hear some light tics and background noises, mainly during the beginning of the track.
generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl - NA/EX 30€

Ray Pettis - Question and Answer / If I Found Love SOLD

Salem Records

Original press of this great x-over soul funk double sider.
This copy shows just some superficial marks, plays excellent!!
Generic sleeve.