Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG++ offer

LVC Jazz Band - Unreel SOLD

Truetone Records

Seldom seen school funk lp from the Lebanon Valley College Jazz Band released in 1979.
Ace jazz funk tracks here.
Several light marks on the vinyl, plays fine.
Cover is slightly warped + seam split (7cm) on the top eges + light general wear.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ offer

Tom Grant - Mystified SOLD

Timeless Records

Original press from Holland released in 1978.
Amazing jazz funk lp by Tom Grant, Fender Rhodes, piano featuring Joe Hanson on tenor sax, Rick Laird on bass and Ron Steen on drums.
Listen to "Mistified, "Turtle soup" and "Caribbean Firedance".
Record has some light marks, plays fine!!
Two cut out on the right edge.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

The Gingerbread Express - Missed Another Day / I Climbed The Mountain SOLD

Allen Records

Scarce US private press 45 including the brilliant sunshine pop / soul jazz track, "Missed Another Day" with great chorus vocals, flute and electric piano solos.
Highly recommanded!! Record has several light marks but plays excellent!

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/EX offer

Earl Moseley - Facing The Sun SOLD

T-Bone Records

Rare and in demand jazz funk lp from Houston, Texas privatly pressed by Earl Moseley.
Check the moogy funk, "fly in the soup", compiled by Luv'n'haight and "facing the sun" used by DJ Mitsu for his "one more roses" mix.
The record is shiny with just some superficial marks and plays excellent. The cover is in VG++ condition, just a light wear on the corners.

Cover/Vinyl: S/S  - offer

The Deirdre Wilson Tabac - S/T SOLD


Essential soul jazz psych lp by Deirdre Wilson Tabac, arranged and produced by Sonny Casella.
This album contains the superb vocal soul jazz dancer, "i can't keep from cryin' sometimes" reissued by jazzman but also the great blue eyed x-over soul tracks, "angel baby" & "magic one" and the psych funk "get back".
This copy is still sealed, 100% original 1st press. There is only a little seam split (5cm) on one edge otherwise in excellent condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/NM offer

Frank Strazzeri - After The Rain SOLD

Catalyst Records

Original U.S. press released in 1976 of the famous Strazzieri's LP "After The Rain". It contains the classic jazz funk banger "Cloudburst" including plenty of drum breaks, Fender Rhodes, string synthesizer, and a great flute solo by Sam Most!!!! Check also the beautiful laid back jazz groove cut, "After The Rain".
The record is NM, I've found one minor hairline mark that doesn't affect the sound.
The cover shows a cut corner, a seam split (5cm) on one edge and a little bump on one corner.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/EX 100€

Billy Wooten - In This World SOLD

ART Records

Original US press out of Indiano released in 1979.
Another great lp composed by Billy Wooten, it contains the sublime spiritual jazz groove track, "Chicango", the dreamy latin jazz funk "Dancing And Singing", listen also "Summerlight".
The record has some superficial marks, close to mint.
Cover shows wear on the top edge and on corners. No seam split.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG++ 40€

Rich Prioste and The Gunn High School Jazz Reunion - Realized Dream SOLD

Collins Records

Seldom seen High School jazz 2 lp set released in 1987 featuring Stanley Jordan on guitar.
It contains the superb soul jazz version of the classic Freddy Hubbard track, "Red Clay" including lead vocal and scat by Randy Greer, listen to the soundclip. Very hard to find.
This copy chows some light marks but they don't affect the sound,it plays fine!!
Cover in excellent condition, just some minor wears. Gatefold sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ 600€

The Wooden Glass Featuring Billy Wooten - The Wooden Glass Recorded Live SOLD

Interim Records

In demand original 1st press on Interim Records released in 1972.
Cult rare groove lp by Billy Wooten including classic track, "In The Rain" edited by Madlib, but also "We've Only Just Begun", Monkey Hips and Rice", Day Dreaming", "Joy Ride"....
Record has a hairline scuff on the track, "Love Is Here", it mades clicks during the beginning of the track (1m30),Check the soundclip, otherwise, in great condition, some light marks, plays fine!! Light ring wear on the front and back cover. Light wear on edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX offer

Catalyst - Ain't It The Truth SOLD

Cobblestone Records

Soulful jazz funk track from this four-man combo native of Philadelphia. Superb fender Rhodes work by Eddie Green. This is the only 45 from Catalyst. Rare promo copy only with stereo and mono version.
The record is in excellent condition, just one superficial marks. Generic cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG+ offer

The Mystic Moods - Honey Trippin' / Midnight Snack SOLD

Sound Bird Records

Contains the classy hip jazz funk 45 track "midnight snack", great horns and string arrangements, funky clavinet, and fender rhodes. Check the soundclip!!!
The record shows some light marks but they don't affect the sound. Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/EX 60€

JoAnne Tardy - Think Of This SOLD

Samojoi Records

Seldom seen private press out of Milwaukee released in 1986.
Sublime 80's soul jazz album written, composed, arranged and produced by JoAnne Tardy, now very hard to find, listen to this little gem...
Record has just some light marks, plays excellent!! little sticker on the shrink, cover in NMint condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG-/VG++ 40€

Rupert Cobbett - Peaceful Morning SOLD

Soul Deep Records

Original US press released in 1977 on the indy label, Soul Deep Records.
Great soul jazz / jazz funk lp composed the keyboardist, Ruppert Cobbett including "December 18th" comped by Patrick Forge with great Fender Rhodes and flute work, listen also "Ain't Done Nothing".
Record has some light marks but they don't affect the sound, plays excellent!!!
The cover has big writing and tears on the front cover, check pic, little punch hole, no seam split, solid corners and edges.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/NM 60€

Roy Ayers - Ubiquity SOLD


Classic Roy Ayers lp!!! Original 1st press, Sticker "For demonstration use only" on the front cover. Superb copy, just two superficial paper marks, close to mint!!! With polydor inner sleeve. Light ring wear on the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ 70€

The Kats - Under The Covers / Wear Me Out SOLD

E & C Records

Rare original U.S. first pressing from the end of the 60's produced by Cleveland Eaton and arranged by Donny Hatthaway!!
Killer jazz funk double sider, listen to both sides!!!
Some light marks on the side B but they don't affect the sound. Both sides play excellent without noises!!
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG++ 90€

Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk Popcorn SOLD

King Records

Original US press released in 1969 of this classic Hammond funk lp produced by James Brown including plenty of great tracks, solid lp from beginning to the end!!
Record shows some light marks but they don't affect the sound, no scuffs, you can hear occasional ticks, overall, plays excellent!! The cover has one seam split (9cm) on the top edge and one on the down edge (19cm). Punch hole.

Cover/Vinyl: VG-/VG+ 40€

Clarice Labbé & Charlie Hampton - Clarice Swings With Charlie Hampton SOLD

J.M.T. Records

Original pressing released in 1980.
Hard to find soul jazz lp out of Philadelphia. it contains the jazz dancer "No Other Love But You" comped by Russ Dewbury on the famous Jazz Bizniz vol. 1. check a snippet from previous copy.
The record is VG+ with some light marks but they don't affect the sound. It plays fine with occasional ticks!!!
The cover shows strong wear on the left edge, no seam split, stains on the front and back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ 50€

Ben Davis Jazz Ensemble - We're Number 1 SOLD

Private Press

Obscure school band lp released in 1978 including the catchy jazz funk, "Blue Orleans" with funky horns, Fender Rhodes solo, heavy drum break, listen to the soundclip!!!
The record has some light marks but plays fine!!The cover shows some light wear on the open edge, still in shrink.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ 220€

Sounds Of The City - Stuff And Thangs SOLD

Sounds Of The City Production

Ultra rare promo only 45 privatly pressed by the famous band, Sounds Of The City.
They released this 7inch before the output of their cult and nearly impossible to find lp on the tax scam label, Tiger Lily. "Stuff And Thangs" is a ridiculous jazz funk track including heavy beat, wah wah guitar, funky vibes and an amazing varitone "fuzz" sax who gives the singularity of the track. This title is one of the best cut of the lp, you can get it now!! Listen the soundclip!!! Very very hard to catch!!!
This copy shows some bubbles due to the pressing but it doesn't affect the sound. No scuffs, just some occasional light clicks, mainly on the side B. Plays fine, check the soundclip. Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ 200€

Kashmere Stage Band - Kashmere 73 Live In Concert SOLD

KRAM Records

Original US press released in 1973 of this rare and in demand jazz funk lp from one of the all time best school band, the Kaskmere Stage Band.
Recorded live, this album contains some monster tracks like the aptly named "Kashmere" cause it shows perfectly their sound including crazy breaks, solid horn section and great sax solo, listen also the uptempo psych funk dancer "Head Wiggle" with ab heavy heavy fuzz guitar solo and to finish, the crazy version of Shaft, the best one that i have heard, listen!!!!
This copy is VG+, some light marks, no scuffs, plays fine!!!
The cover shows just some stains on the front & back cover, solid edges and corners.