Cover/Cassette: M/M

Various Artists - Transamazonica


Spontaneous combustion of our brains after this interdimensional trip in the deep Amazon for months and months ... Nature and Electronics... Ecstasy and Sadness...

Art Cover by Marius Cyrilou.

ATTENTION!! The tracks are mixed together including overdubs and special effects....

Each cassette get a unique drawing.

Tape duplicated by T.A.P.E. Muzik. 50 copies made.

Available here:

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Bernard Schulé - Passage Au Zenith

Kiosque D' Orphée

Ultra rare lp on the famous French custom label, Kiosque d' Orphée, obscure children's choir record including the surprising musique concrete track, "Passage Au Zenith" composed by Bernard Schulé.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/EX

André Zumbach / Werner Kaegi / Eric Gaudibert / Bernard Schulé - Musiques Electro Acoustiques Et Instruments SOLD

Communauté De Travail

Rare and little known avant garde / Concrete / Electro Acoustic lp composed by Swiss composers and helped by the Centre De Recherches Sonores de la Radio Suisse Romande. Very interesting performances for instruments and magnetic tape, listen to the soundclip including three different pieces.
Minor wear on the sleeve, superficial marks on the record.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM 70€

Pierre Jean Croset - Concert Live In Originel Center

Private Press

Original French press - 1979
Sublime minimalist music from Pierre Jean Croset with his homemade instrument, "the electronic lyre". Check the first minutes of the lp.
Unplayed stock copy.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX

F. G. Experimental Laboratory - Hope SOLD

Private press

Original Swiss press, 1980.
Homemade Kraut New Age electronic lp composed by Fredy Guye, released only in Switzerland, beautiful art cover by himself, trippy stuff!!!

Cover/Vinyl: M/M 45€

Roger Baudet - Reveries D'un Père Tranquille


Swiss only proto electro lp released in 1985.
This mysterious lp contains many amazing 80's electronic - Sampling / avant techno tracks. There's also some superb ambient patterns and sampling experimentations, check it!! Clean copy, no marks, unplayed!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+

Francis Jeannin - Chimie Du Son SOLD

Edition Disques Document

Mega rare concrete music / early electronic 10inch from Switzerland directed by the sound engineer Francis Jeannin. He explains in this sound document the different techniques used to create concrete music and some sound pieces. This 10inch is very hard to find, only seen one time. Incredible lost document about the early electronic music experimentation. Don't miss it.
Record has some light marks, plays fine!! Cover has light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM offer

Various Artists - IV Concurso Arpa De Oro / Homenaje a Manuel De Falla SOLD


Original Spanish press released in 1972. Two records set in Beautiful gatefold sleeve.
Rare Avant Garde / Electronic / concrete lp interpreted by the Conjunto De Camara and the Grupo De Percussion De Madrid. The different pieces are created by Francisco Estevez, Anton Larrauri, Francisco Otero and Gabriel Fernandez Alvez.
Records in perfect condition, looks unplayed.
Minor wear on the cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM 40€

Julien François Zbinden - Lemanic 70 / Jazz Sonatine / Ethiopiques / Impératifs

Comunauté De Travail

Original Swiss press released in 1978.
Obscure avant garde lp composed by Julien François Zbinden, it contains the curious and beautiful piece called "Ethiopiques" for narrator and Orchestra, great meeting between occidental chamber orchestra and poems, "Femme Noire", L' Ouragan", L' Absente", "A New York", "Masque Nègre" written by the famous Senegalese poet and author, Leopold Sédar Senghor, narrated by Jean Daniel Henneberger.
Record is NM, you can hear some static ticks, no marks, clean and shiny copy. Minor wear on the cover. Gatefold sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/NM offer

Mega Wave Orchestra - S/T SOLD

Private Press

Rare 5 lps box set released for the exposition "Mega Wave Orchestra" created by Heinrich Richard Reimann. Great 80's Avant Garde Electronic music composed by Christian Oestreicher, Christine Schaller, Vincent Barras / Jacques Demierre, Olivier Rogg and Rainer Boesch. Check the long soundclip.
Records and sleeve are NM, box shows light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Philadelphia Moog Ensemble - S/T SOLD

Private press

Really obscure recorded live electronic music private press from Philadelphia produced by Vibronic Music Services who was the first all-synthesizer music store in the U.S. back in 1975-1977. i have found an interesting post concerning this lp on the moog forum, check the link:
Stains on the sleeve, still in solid condition. Light marks on the record, plays fine, some light tics, check the soundclip.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/EX offer

Dominique Lawalrée / Conrad Setó / Albert Giménez - Six Jours à Barcelone SOLD

Filobus Records

Original Spanish press from 1983.
Tasty electronic / experimental / avant garde 45 including 5 tracks.
Shiny wax, plays fine!! Stock copy!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Jacques Aubert - Il y a Toujours un Oiseau le Matin SOLD

Private press

Obscure Belgian 45 released for the promotion of the underground ballet, "Il y a Toujours un Oiseau le Matin" designed by René Lindekens.
Music composed by Jacques Aubert in the studio A.R.T. in Geneva, great electronic / experimental performance, listen to the long soundclip.
Record has some light marks, no scuffs, plays with light background noises and occasionnal clics. Nearly impossible to find in any condition. Cover has light general wear.
Beautiful gatefold sleeve with booklet inside.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG offer

Peymont - Cibernetica SOLD


Obscure Italian library released in 1971. Terrific experimental / avant garde lp composed by Peymont with gloomy atmospheres, skizophrenic delayed percussions, trippy electronic drone!! Solid VG copy, plays fine!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/EX offer

Markus Stockhausen & Jasper Van't Hof - Aqua Sansa SOLD

Fran Records

Scarce German electronica cosmic jazz lp composed in 1980 by Markus Stockhausen & Jasper Van't Hof, they uses PPG Wave computer and synthesizer, the Sansa, Fender Piano, electric trumpet, prepared organ, fluegelhorn... Great oddity, listen to "Aqua Sansa".
Record has just some superficial hairline marks, light general wear on the sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/NM offer

Sarkis Z - De l' Enquête Sue l' Arsenal Atelier De LA Rue V SOLD

Kiosque d' Orphée

Original French press released in 1974 on the custom label, Le Kiosque d' Orphée.
Conceptual one sided lp pressed in limited edition, 116 copies, by the contemporary artist, Sarkis. sticker on the back cover. Signed by Sarkis. N° 31/116

Cover/Vinyl: M/EX offer

Peter K. Seiler / Klaus R. Nagel - Klangbilder SOLD

Trend Records

Obscure and unknown German library / electronic lp released in 1984 on Trend Records. The group, "Second Direction" released their famous jazz fusion lp, "Four Corners" on this little label.
"Klangbilder" is really different, more in the electronic research, it was composed and produced by Klaus R. Nagel from Joy Unlimited and Peter K. Seiler from Tritonus, listen to "Impulse II" and Niemandsland", two beautiful and deep electronic tracks, the side b is different including 41 little pieces, i have recorded some... check the soundclip.
Record has just some superficial marks, plays excellent, cover in perfect condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG+ offer

Bruno Spoerri - Baustellenmusik SOLD

Private press

Another rarity from Bruno Spoerri released in 1979 for the 20 years anniversary of a Swiss company. Weird mix between tape manipulation and analog synthesizer.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/NM offer

Jean-Jacques Perrey - Prélude Au Sommeil SOLD

Institut Dormiphone

Original French press released in 1957 on Institut Dormiphone. Conceptual lp designed for people suffering from insomnia in the 50's, the Dormiphone company sold this lp like a "electronic sound therapy" to doctors and customers. Incredible lost document about the early electronic music experimentation, for sure one of the rarest electronica lp and 1st recording made by the moog maestro, Jean Jacques Perrey, his rarest performance too. Very very hard to find in any condition!! Gatefold sleeve with original booklet.
Record in beautiful condition, clean and shiny copy, plays excellent, just some static noises. Cover has tears on the front cover, some marks on the back cover, light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Giampiero Boneschi - A New Sensation In Sound Vol 9 SOLD

Cam Records

Rare original Italian press on Cam.
Surprising easy electronic jazz / baroque library composed by Boneschi, check the soundclip!! Never seen before!!
Two little marks make some light clicks on one track, not the best one, otherwise, plays fine!! With Cam inner sleeve. Light general wear on the cover.