Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG++ offer

Claudia Regina e Tobias - Dialogo + 1 SOLD


Original Brazilian pressing released in 1972.
Listen to the splendid bossa jazz groove track "dialogo" with an amazing intro and great arrangements!!!
The record shows some light marks but they don't affect the sound.
The original sleeve is in very good condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX 30€

Silvia Maria - Terezinha / Andaruê


Brilliant Brazilian soul jazz groove 45 released in 1971.
Listen to the superb track "Andaruê". The B side is a cool version of the classic Jorge Ben number "Terezinha".
Just some superficial marks on the wax, it plays excellent. One little tear on the original sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/M 20€

Claudia - Adeus / Gosto de Ser Como Sou

Discos RGE

Original Brazilian pressing released in 1969.
Check the great mpb jazz groove track "gosto de ser como sou" fuelled by the beautiful voice of Claudia and backed by the famous tropicalia band Brazilian Octopus.
The record is in perfect condition with no marks and it plays excellent. The original RGE sleeve is in excellent condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Ice - Afro Agban SOLD


Original French pressing of this monster Afro jazz funk lp composed by the cult group, Ice aka the Lafayette Afro Rock Band aka the band behind the holy grail Bobby Boyd Congress lp!!!
Listen to the all time classic "racubah" with its open drum break and killer horn section, a real dancefloor winner! Check also the latin influenced track "sikiliza" and the hard hitting Afro psych track "afon"!!!
The record shows some superficial marks that don't affect the sound!! Shiny wax!!! The cover has a tear on the bottom edge, a light ring wear on the back, and a light split on one corner.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG++ offer

Roland Louis - Waterfall SOLD

Production R.L.

Amazing West Indies lp composed by Roland Louis in 1979, superb disco modern soul to jazz groove mixture with unique Caribbean touch. A must have!!
Record is in solid VG++ condition, some superficial marks, shiny wax, just some clicks on the track, "En Bama". Listen to the soundclip.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Cay Gottlieb - Deep Water SOLD

Cicada Record Productions

Obscure West Indies Lounge soul jazz lp released in 1982, listen to "Abaco Cruise".
Solid VG+ copy. Plays Fine. Little writing on the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG++ offer

Mike Kounou - Golgotha Be Tara / Nkot Nnam SOLD

Disques Esperance

Rare French only 45 from 1979 released on Disques Esperance.
It contains the afro disco banger, "Golgotha Be Tara", only available on this 45, arranged by Allan Shelly. Strong VG+ copy!!

Cover/Vinyl: EX/NM offer

A Felicidade - Sol De Carnaval / Festa De Luz SOLD


Ultra rare Swiss only Bossa / mpb 45 composed by the obscure band, A Felicidade. Never seen before, ungoogleable, check the soundclip!
Record and cover in superb condition!! Just a stamp on one label.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM offer

Supersom T. A. - Brasileira Roxa / Maria de Todo Jeito SOLD


Seldom seen Brazilian promo copy of this amazing double sider released in 1972.
Check both sides of this great 45, killer Brazilian groove!!!
The record is in NM condition and shows no marks. It plays perfect!!! Minor wears on the cover. Promo copy written in Brazilian and stamped on the top left of the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: M/EX offer

Os Tres Morais - S/T SOLD


Scarce Brazilian original pressing from 1971 of this outstanding vocal jazz pop album. It contains the bouncy scat jazz groove cover of the Marcos Valle track "Freio Aerodinamico", with superb string and horn arrangements, perfect harmony vocal, and light funky rhythm section, this track is truly unique, a real gem!!!! Listen also to the killer Antonio Carlos e Jocafi version of "Se quiser valer".
The record shows just some superficial marks, a beautiful shiny copy. It plays excellent. The cover is in shrink, in perfect condition!!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ offer

Les Masques - Brasilian Sound SOLD


We're really happy to offer one of the best Bossa jazz pop lp released in Europe, Les Masques, an incredible lp from the beginning to the end arranged by José Bartel, Christian Gaubert and Claude Germain, rhythm section by the Trio Camara.
We sell the original French 1st press released on CBS, sounds really better compares to the Canadian issue and very very hard to find, the rumor says that only few hundred copies was pressed...
This copy has several light marks and paper marks, no scuffs and plays really excellent, check the soundclip!!! Just some light ticks..
Cover has tear on the back cover (down left corner), wear on the down right corner, check the picture.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ offer

Titti Sotto And The Banana Ladies - Latin Pompa / More Pompa SOLD

Vico Records

Killer B-Boy latin funk 45 out of New York released in 1975 on the tiny label, Vico Records, composed by Ralph Lew, still obscure and hard to catch.
Listen to the both side. Plays fine, just some superficial marks, stickers residue on the both labels.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG++ offer

Philippe d'Hui - Constatations, Contradictions SOLD

Terrin Records

Obscure private press from the West Indies artist, Philippe d' Hui released in 1978 in France, listen to the spiritual cosmic jazz track, "Song For J.A.".

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG++ 120€

Ira Kris - Jazzanova SOLD


Original German press released in 1971.
Sublime bossa jazz lp featuring Ira Kris on guitar, Juan Romero on guitar, Frank St Peter on flute, Tony Inzalaco on drums and Jimmy Woode on bass.
Record has superficial light marks, it plays fine, shiny wax!!
Cover shows minor wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ offer

Wilson Das Neves e Conjunto - O Som Quente é o Das Neves SOLD


Rare original Brazilian press released in 1976.
Brilliant lp composed by Wilson Das Neves including killer mpb, jazz groove and batucada tracks, solid lp from start to finish, listen to the soundclip.
Record has several light marks, no scuffs, writings on tape residue on the both labels, light general wear on the cover, little tape piece on the back cover; nothing bad.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG offer

Raoul Zequeira Y Sus Habaneros - S/T SOLD

Disques Vogue

Original French press of this latin funk boogaloo lp composed by Raoul Zequeira including some insane tracks like "Hey Hey Hey Si Senor", "Clave, Maraca Y Bongo", listen to the soundclip!!! Comped on a jazz bizznizz 3.
The record has light marks, occasionnal clicks and some light background noises when the music isn't loud, nothing serious, overall, it plays fine, there is a little scuff in the track "Clave, Maraca y Bongo", you can hear some clicks in the soundclip.
The cover is in solid condition, just some stains on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG 10€

Ajda Pekkan - Super Star 2 SOLD


Original Turkish press released in 1979.
This Turkish lp contains the surprising oriental bossa fusion track "Dile Kolay" including Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, flute, vibes, and strings. The whole is magnificently arranged!!!
The rest of the lp is not really interesting.
The record has a lot of light marks, some clicks, and the two first tracks on each side shows a big mark that affect the sound but fortunately they are not the good tracks!!! "Dile Kolay" plays fine, listen to the sounclip!! Writing on one label.
The cover shows wear on one edge and a little white stain on the front. Gatefold sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/EX 120€

Funkees - Afro Funk Music SOLD

Soul Posters

Rare original French pressing of this Afro funk banger from the cult Nigerian group the Funkees!!!
The whole album is amazing; listen to the percussive Afro funk cuts "life" and "Olé", and the Afro disco track "Abraka"!!!!
The record is shiny, in excellent condition with just some superficial marks that don't affect the sound. The cover shows some tears on the front and back, with light ring wear and no seam split. Check the picture to give you a better idea!!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ 120€

Esquires Now - Born To Win SOLD


Sought after island funk lp out of Trinidad released in 1973.
It contains the hard hittin' James Brown cover of "Think", the cool Masekela version of "Dyamo", and more... It is still a very hard to find record like most of the records from Trinidad!! Don't sleep!!
The record shows some light marks but nothing deep and it plays fine!!!
The cover shows a little seam split (2cm) on the open edge, stains on the front and back cover, and light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG++ 350€

Poder Del Alma - S/T SOLD


Mega rare and nearly impossible to find lp composed by this obscure band from Nicaragua, Poder Del Alma. They released 3 lps between 1974 and 1977, we sell the third and last album, the only one pressed in Nicaragua.
Amazing and unique sound here, listen to the latin jazz funk track, "Necedades" with killer rhythm and horn sections, scat vocal, insane synthesizers and farfisa, check also the latin soul winners "Vete" and "Sombra Fresca", to finish, listen the hard hittin' latin jazz, "La Fiesta Comienza" & "Movimiento".
The record has some light marks, it plays fine, just some light background noises here and here, i haven't clean it, shiny and beautiful copy for this rarity!
The cover shows tears on the edges, stains on the front and back cover, still in solid shape!!